DM Blog (1/5)

This is it! The Dorralldo Media Blog. First of all thank you for reading and please continue. As the subject for the very first dm blog I intend to introduce the company Dorralldo Media; explain exactly what it's business is, and do so in the specific format framework of the dm blogA highly structured article concerning anything within the sphere of interest in the dorralldo media world.

Dorralldo Formatting Framework (2/5)

So what is this formatting? A modern, simple and visually illuminating article designed to be consumed quickly and to stir interest. More than a tweet, but less than an essay.  Short enough to read bluntly, and long enough to evoke a reaction. Each blog composed strictly of no more than 5 paragraphs. Think of it like this; an introduction, conclusion and three paragraphs of substance between, driving home an article of current affair in a short decisive manner. And then the links...

Link it (3/5)

Each piece will be annotated using HEADERS, italics and emboldened highlights linking to supportive documents, photos, films, media and articles. Followed by comment and debate from the big world.  As an appropriate example of a link I will use my own site right here and right now - - just so you know that this is how it can work. Dorralldo media is a company that produces films for websites and other media products for small to medium sized companies and of course it produces this blog in the hope of continually raising an interest by commenting on the things going on around us every day. Pushing an interesting article here or there in your general direction and starting some talk and growing a community.

Advertise here (4/5)

The blog will be posted and available through all the networks you are already aware of driving each article far and wide, raising interest in the subject and in return DRIVING INTERESTED TRAFFIC to the links that are related to or supportive of the topic of the day. Furthermore should you wish for dm to raise an interest in your sme, or product then do make contact and articles will be tailored directly for your own trumpet driving interest back to your own site.

Subscribe and Enjoy (5/5)

So there it is, and this is it! All down on paper, or text and laid out in plain English. Do look here for interesting articles covering a wide range of topics. Should you represent a commercial enterprise don't hesitate to make contact and enquire as to how Dorralldo can work for you. I hope you will enjoy the DM Blog, and encourage it to grow.

Regards AD.