W. Brett Wilson

W. Brett Wilson is a Canadian entrepreneur, businessman and philanthropist. He has been awarded the Order of Canada and the Saskatchewan Order of Merit for his business and community achievements. His profile has been boosted by appearances on Canadian television in programmes such as Dragons Den and Risky Business. On a more regular basis Brett is the Chairman of both the Prairie Merchant Corporation and Canoe Financial.

In these Dorralldo Media films Brett suggests 3 core life skills are essential for anyone to succeed in life - entrepreneurship, marketing and philanthropy.



What is a Posset?

You might remember what a posset is, or you may recall this wonderful bit of Childrens TV from the 1980s. It's a glorious and long forgotten British drink to warm up to on a snowy evening, and a memorable dramatisation of John Masefields 'The Box of Delights'...



Mayhew Animal Home: Tinsel and Tails


The Mayhew Animal Clinic rescues abandoned, abused or neglected cats and dogs. After an animal is plucked from an otherwise cruel life, the clinic work with it to restore hope, trust and faith in people.

1 Therapaws.png



Running a rescue centre relies on over 1000 volunteer hours per month, costs £6000 a day and is entirely funded by public donations. The clinic runs numerous initiatives including a pet refuge programme, community veterinary clinic, foster care programme and can take in around 30 dogs and 150 cats and kittens.



Celebrity endorsements are precious. A familiar face or popular personality will go a long way to securing financial support and raising public awareness about the good work at the Mayhew Animal Clinic. The 'tinsel' is provided by those celebrities close to the cause, and the 'tails' are wagged by a few of those rescued canine. But this annual event is a celebration of the last 12 months hard work and achievements at the clinic and while the celebrities tell the 'tales' of rescue, the real 'tinsel' are the guest appearances by some of those rescued canine.


Neil Morrisey actor and businessman perhaps best known for his role in hit sitcom 'Men Behaving Badly' or as the voice of 'Bob the Builder' is interviewed by London Live at the Tinsel and Tails event and talks about his rescued pup Tiggy.

Peter Egan the actor known for hit 80s TV sitcom 'Ever Decreasing Circles', or spy drama 'The Perfect Spy' and more recently 'Downton Abbey', not to mention his part in my own personal favourite Oscar winning film 'Chariots of Fire' (was quite excited to meet Peter), chats here to Anna Svenska the Naturalist, TV presenter and conservationist about his support for the Mayhew mission. 

James McVey the lead guitarist and backing vocalist of 'The Vamps' talks to Mayhew about his support for the Mayhew cause and his plans to adopt a rescued cat from the centre in the future.



Happy Child International


The charity Happy Child was created by Sarah De Carvalho. You can read all about HCI here at the official website. For now and informally, when I tell people about this charity I refer to it as a wonderful mission to rescue kids from the streets and a life of prostitution, and reintegrate them back into their families and communities. Very little I write can enforce how important a mission like this is, except to say that if it rescues just one child from such terror then it would be worth every penny raised.

So far they have saved over 10'000 children.


   Spurs & England legend Gary Lineker


Spurs & England legend Gary Lineker

Gary Lineker is a global ambassador for this wonderful mission, and I was lucky enough to meet him at this most recent HCI event held at Canning House. Gary is a childhood sporting hero of mine - a Spurs & England legend, and now of course a top sports broadcaster and documentary producer. I still vividly remember that glorious equaliser against West Germany in the semi final 1990, and of course being heartbroken for weeks after England failed at the penalties on that occasion...


The 'It's a Penalty' campaign is already proving to be a massive success. The campaign was described as one of the best ever crime prevention initiatives by the MET police after the Brazil World Cup. The campaign is an attempt to raise awareness among those travelling to Brazil for the FIFA World Cup and the Rio Olympic Games that any engagement in sexual exploitation with a child will result in prosecution both in Brazil and their home country. It's a Penalty has received tremendous support and solid backing by governments, legal agencies and international sports stars.


This campaign rides high on the back of the enormous international attention Brazil will receive between 2014-16 as the nation hosts two major global sporting events. And it will continue from there, gaining attention through future sporting campaigns including the Hong Kong 7s, the FIFA World Cup in Russia during 2018, and with the support of major sport stars such as Usain Bolt and David Luiz.



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Rugby World Cup - a bit of history


So we are about to enter the final stage of the RWC ENGLAND 2015, and England are nowhere to be seen - well and truly dumped. In fact left closer to the first round of Japan 2019 than the quarters of our own tournament. Furthermore, no home nation on home soil; Wales OUT, Scotland OUT, Ireland OUT. And neither France or Italy were able to take advantage in their rivals failure. So we are effectively left with a tri-nations tournament. A Southern Hemisphere World Cup.


It's a tough pill to swallow, but I can swing low and recover. Stick on the DVD of RWC 2003 and maybe even get the new documentary Building Jerusalem - recalling the victorious England teams triumph in Australia all those years ago. Might even start thinking about the forthcoming Six Nations Championship in the near Winter / Spring.


In the meantime something else I take great interest in doing is reconsidering the titans of previous world cups and taking brief flight over the stats of previous tournaments. So CLICK  HERE for a quick rundown of the complete tournament from 1987 to now including venue, winner, runner up, third and fourth place.

TID BITS (4/5)

A few things I find really interesting - 

  • 1987 - Wales pip Australia to third place by 1 point - 2015 and Australia pip Wales out of the quarters
  • There has never been a Semi Final stage without one of the 'Tri Nations' (Aus/New Z/S.Af)
  • 2015 will see the first semi finals without one of the 'Six Nations' (Eng/Sco/Wal/Ire/Fra/Ita)
  • New Zealand '87/'11, Australia '91/'99 and South Africa '95/'07 have each won the WC twice And England '03 once of course
  • Unlucky France have appeared in the semi final stage 6 times, yet never won the competition - three times runners up - once third and twice fourth
  • New Zealand always a favourite have never actually been victorious outside of their own country

BRING ON JAPAN 2019 (5/5)

Just a bit of food for thought really. Think it would be jolly good to see Argentinas free flowing brand of Rugby Football succeed, rather than one of the same old same old get another star on their shirt. (Do they put stars on the shirts for a WC win?) Otherwise England have a young team and with all the right moves we may have a good chance in Japan four years from now!


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The Dorralldo Blog


DM Blog (1/5)

This is it! The Dorralldo Media Blog. First of all thank you for reading and please continue. As the subject for the very first dm blog I intend to introduce the company Dorralldo Media; explain exactly what it's business is, and do so in the specific format framework of the dm blogA highly structured article concerning anything within the sphere of interest in the dorralldo media world.

Dorralldo Formatting Framework (2/5)

So what is this formatting? A modern, simple and visually illuminating article designed to be consumed quickly and to stir interest. More than a tweet, but less than an essay.  Short enough to read bluntly, and long enough to evoke a reaction. Each blog composed strictly of no more than 5 paragraphs. Think of it like this; an introduction, conclusion and three paragraphs of substance between, driving home an article of current affair in a short decisive manner. And then the links...

Link it (3/5)

Each piece will be annotated using HEADERS, italics and emboldened highlights linking to supportive documents, photos, films, media and articles. Followed by comment and debate from the big world.  As an appropriate example of a link I will use my own site right here and right now - - just so you know that this is how it can work. Dorralldo media is a company that produces films for websites and other media products for small to medium sized companies and of course it produces this blog in the hope of continually raising an interest by commenting on the things going on around us every day. Pushing an interesting article here or there in your general direction and starting some talk and growing a community.

Advertise here (4/5)

The blog will be posted and available through all the networks you are already aware of driving each article far and wide, raising interest in the subject and in return DRIVING INTERESTED TRAFFIC to the links that are related to or supportive of the topic of the day. Furthermore should you wish for dm to raise an interest in your sme, or product then do make contact and articles will be tailored directly for your own trumpet driving interest back to your own site.

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So there it is, and this is it! All down on paper, or text and laid out in plain English. Do look here for interesting articles covering a wide range of topics. Should you represent a commercial enterprise don't hesitate to make contact and enquire as to how Dorralldo can work for you. I hope you will enjoy the DM Blog, and encourage it to grow.

Regards AD.